A Beaver Pelt could buy one of the following:

ItemAmount ItemAmount
Beads (Coloured)¾ lb.Pistols[1 for 4 pelts]
Kettle, Brass1Gun Worms1
Lead, Black1 lb.Gloves, Yarn1
Gun Powder1 ½ lb.Goggles2
Shot5 lbs.Handkerchiefs1
Sugar2 lbs.Hats, laced1
Tobacco, Brazil2 lbs.Hatchets2
Ditto Leaf or Roll1 ½ lbs.Hawk Bells8
Thread1 lb.Ice Chisels2
Vermilion1 ½ ozKnives8
Brandy1 gallonLooking Glasses2
Broad Cloth2 yardMocotagans (Curved Knives)2
Flannel2 yardNet-Lines2
Gartering2 yardPowder Horns2
Awl Blades12Plain Rings6
Buttons12 dozenStone Rings3
Breeches1 pairScrapers2
Combs2Sword Blades2
Egg Boxes4Spoons4
Feathers, red2Shirts2
Fish Hooks20Shoes1 pair
Fire Steels4Stocking[1 for 1 ¼ pelts]
Files1Sashes, Worsted2
Guns[1 for 10 to 12 pelts]Tobacco Boxes2