Christmas Shopping, 1950s Style

Here are some pages from the 1950 Simpsons Christmas catalogue. Some of the products speak of another time, while some are still very familiar. The cover for example features a character still beloved by all: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

Cover of Simpsons Christmas catalogue, 1950

As a Christmas icon, Rudolph is up near the top of the pile. So his appearance on the cover makes sense, especially considering the great Rudolph merchandise you could buy for under the tree (wouldn’t you love some of these?). Moreover, in 1950 our red-nosed friend was already an old hand at the marketing game. His story was first penned in 1939 as a giveaway for Montgomery Ward, the Chicago-based retailer who introduced Americans to mail-order-shopping. The famous animated television special – which just so happens to be the longest-running, most highly-rated television special EVER! – was sponsored by General Electric when it was first presented in 1964, and the soundtrack was a premium gift with purchase of GE appliances that year.

So, follow Rudolph as he struts his stuff and introduces you to some of the many wonders of Christmas shopping, 1950s style.

"Rudolph" items, Simpsons Christmas catalogue, 1950

"Rudolph" toys, Simpsons Christmas catalogue, 1950 










Decorations, Simpsons Christmas catalogue, 1950


Cameras, Simpsons Christmas catalogue, 1950

Barbara Ann Scott doll, Simpsons Christmas catalogue, 1950